Create a great place to work

Inspiring workplace

Surely everyone wants to enjoy going to work and work in a nice place where you feel appreciated and have an opportunity to grow and hone your talents --  a place where you are given the autonomy, responsibility and resources to do your job to the best of your ability. 

At DNS Belgium, we know there are different ways to achieve that. 

Developing talent 

In a rapidly changing society, only organisations that put a lot of effort into developing their employees survive. At DNS Belgium, we aim for every employee to take 12 training days a year. We do this by continuing to emphasise the importance of development programmes and making them easily accessible. 

By promoting knowledge-sharing, the knowledge acquired by employees spreads throughout the team. 

Mental and physical well-being 

A great place to work is a place where every employee feels mentally and physically fit. DNS Belgium permanently employs 1 prevention advisor and 2 counsellors. We also communicate regularly about the various possibilities and initiatives to promote mental and physical well-being. 

Our employees can avail themselves of an expertise centre for psychosocial well-being at work. They do not have to give a reason to do so.  

Furthermore, at the office we encourage healthy eating and sufficient exercise and organise inspiration sessions on stress, sleep, nutrition, etc. Employees can opt for a leased bicycle via our cafeteria plan. Those who do receive an extra allowance. 


As of 1 January 2023, we will implement our diversity plan which is to ensure more diversity in our organisation (which is not evident in our sector). That plan focuses not only on diversity in terms of gender and culture, but also on age and knowledge, for instance.