Advantages of your own domain name

Usually, you register a domain name when you want to launch a website. Or when you want a personalised e-mail address based on your own domain name. 

But even if you are not planning to launch a website any time soon, it is a good idea to register your domain name already.

Your domain name as the starting point of your business

You have a good idea for a product or service. You even already have a name or a slogan for your product.  But you still have some way to go to work everything out in detail. You cannot launch your website just yet, because you do not have all the information you are required to post on it.

Don't hesitate to register your domain name anyway so as to prevent others who may have a similar idea from appropriating that domain name.

Your domain name as an asset

A nice-sounding domain name that is easy on the ear is ever so valuable. Perhaps a .be domain name, due to its relatively limited audience, will not fetch as much at auction. But some .com domain names are worth a fortune -- sometimes millions of dollars, as you can read in Wikipedia. It is best to avoid having to buy the domain name, after starting your business, from someone who was quicker off the mark.

Your domain name to strengthen your brand

If you want to develop a product or service, you will need a brand name. If you want to establish a company or partnership, you will need a trade or company name. It is important in both cases to check first whether the corresponding domain name is still available before registering your trademark, or before registering your company with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (general business register).

Be sure to check whether your chosen brand or company name already exists. Strict rules apply to trademarks in particular.

Your domain name as a pivotal point for your social media

Are you currently active only on social media such as Instagram or Facebook? It can still prove useful to register your own domain name. For you can then redirect it to your Facebook or Instagram account.

Are you present on even more media? Then create a simple website where you list all those accounts. The hype around some media may die out quickly, but your domain name will live on! Discover even more advantages of having your own website.

Your own domain name: good for your search engine rankings

Some online service providers offer you an opportunity to open a web shop with them. They give you a web address such as This is detrimental to your search engine ranking.

Google considers each unique domain name ( as one individual website. However, you have to share that unique domain name with all the other web shops with a similar address - which don't sell bicycles, but completely different articles: jumpers (, shoes, sporting goods, etc.

Now, when a potential customer is looking for bicycles, Google won't redirect them to your web shop, because according to Google, the domain name is not relevant for bicycles. After all, there are so many other products on offer.

With your own domain name, on the other hand, your whole website revolves around bicycles. Google finds your website much more relevant, and will rank your website higher in the search hits. The fact that your domain name is (and therefore contains the keyword) secures an even better ranking.

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