Transfer your domain name to another holder

Transfer a .be domain name to another holder 

Step 1

Request the transfer code yourself in the field below or contact your current or new registrar and instruct him to request the transfer code that is linked to your domain name from DNS Belgium. Read all about the transfer code.

Step 2

We send the transfer code to the e-mail address of the current registrant in our registration system. It is therefore important that your e-mail address is correct in our registration system and that you have your domain details updated if that is necessary.

Step 3

Provide your (new) registrar with all the new details, together with the transfer code. Your registrar will then do what is necessary to register the domain name with these new registrant details. As with a new registration, it is important that the details are correct and complete.

Changes will be visible on our website after 5 business days at the latest.

Transfer a .vlaanderen or .brussels domain to another holder  

To a registrant with the same registrar   

If you want to transfer a .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name to another registrant and the new registrant remains with the same registrar, that registrar can do so by updating the contact details. The registrar will naturally request your prior approval.  

You can simply contact your registrar. If you do not know who your registrar is, you can always check below.  

To a registrant with another registrar

If the new registrant opts for another registrar, the procedure for moving a domain name to another registrar is followed. The new registrar updates the data of the new registrant after the transfer is finalised.