DNS Belgium is a Belgian not-for-profit organisation established in 1999. At the end of 2012, was rechristened DNS Belgium. This name change was necessary because in addition to the .be domain names, we also assumed the management of .brussels and .vlaanderen.

The structure of DNS Belgium is as follows:  

  • General Assemblee: consists of all members of the non-profit association; amongst others, appoints the directors of the non-profit association and approves the annual accounts.
  • Board of Directors (BoD): manages the association and represents it in all judicial and extrajudicial acts. The members of the association shall have at least one director in this body.
  • Finance committee: manages and monitors financial data of the organisation in preparation of the boards of directors.
  • Remuneration Committee: sets annual targets and corresponding bonuses for the General Manager, evaluates the results achieved and determines the bonus percentage. The committee also periodically reflects on DNS Belgium's overall remuneration strategy and takes into account the cohesion between the remuneration of senior management and that of the General Manager himself.

The general manager of DNS Belgium is Philip Du Bois. He is:

  • responsible for the day-to-day management of the organisation
  • responsible for the smooth running of the operational activities  
  • accountable to the board of directors

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