Register your domain name

Register your domain name in 4 steps

A domain name is registered (almost literally) in one, two, three.  

All you have to do to register a domain name for your new website or for a personalised e-mail address is simply to follow these four steps: 

Step 1 - choose a domain name

A domain name must be unique. Check below whether the name you wish to use is still available.    

As you can see, besides .be, you can also register domain names ending in .vlaanderen and .brussels. Find out which one suits you best

Please note that domain names must meet a number of  conditions.  

Step 2 - choose a registrar    

Have you found a good domain name that is still available? Time to look for a registrar or hosting company where you can register your domain name. In most cases, they will also provide web space and tools to place your website on your domain name. 

Step 3 - register your domain name    

Provide your contact details to your registrar or hosting partner to register your domain name. Make sure all the details are entered correctly. Think carefully about whose name you are having your organisation's domain name registered in. A valid e-mail address is very important, because we use it to contact you about your domain name. 

Why is it important to provide a correct e-mail address (and in which cases will DNS Belgium contact you by mail)

By registering your domain name you accept our terms and conditions which will be presented to you by the registrar. If he doesn't, you can consult them here for .be  and  here for  .vlaanderen and .brussels

Step 4 - DNS Belgium registers and activates your domain name 

Your registrar provides us with the details for your domain name. We register the domain name automatically for one year and the registrar receives a confirmation.

Newly registered domain names are activated within 30 minutes. 

Some domain names are not activated within 30 minutes. We check the details of all domain name holders before we activate a domain name.

Are the details incorrect or incomplete? Then we do not activate the domain name. We contact the registrant to prove his identity. We do this to avoid someone registering a domain name anonymously or with false data to use it with bad intentions (phishing, spam etc.).

Want to know how it works?

Domain name registered? 

Just because you have registered a domain name does not mean that you have a website or e-mail address.