About DNS Belgium

Who we are and what we stand for

DNS Belgium is a Belgian not-for-profit organisation established in 1999. 


In a digitalised society where everybody is aware of the options of and has access to the benefits of domain names, DNS Belgium acts, in a sustainable way, as a centre of excellence regarding everything that’s related to domain names.


Our mission consists of the operational and administrative management of the .be, .vlaanderen and .brussels domain name zones.

In addition, we make the internet more accessible by acting as an enabler between all possible internet stakeholders at the national and international level, and encourage the use of the internet via domain names.  

Values and future enablers

Security, quality and reliability

These values are the corner stones of the technical mission of DNS Belgium. The entire organisation and all its stakeholders recognise and support the fundamental importance of these values. Our current efforts on the security front are substantial. We will continue to invest so as to keep improving our security level.  

Innovation and pro-activity  

DNS Belgium wants to remain a reliable and innovative player in the domain name world. We can draw on thorough knowledge of the market to build innovative solutions.  

DNS Belgium provides a high quality registration system to a network of 380 registrars . In addition, DNS Belgium ensures that the .be domain names are constantly available worldwide by guaranteeing the permanent accessibility of the name servers.  

Our innovative and proactive approach to developments in the field enables us to guarantee a secure, high quality and stable internet in the future as well.  

People and neutrality

These values are fundamental for DNS Belgium and its employees, so we pay unremitting attention to them. In concrete terms, we are constantly endeavouring to make the internet accessible to everyone, e.g. by keeping the price as low and the registration conditions as simple as possible.  

At DNS Belgium we are neutral. Our activities are carried out independently from any political affiliation, language, culture, etc. We also assume a neutral attitude to all players in the digital society and approach everyone the same way: large and small registrars, registrants, etc. are treated with the same respect, and can count on the same quality.


DNS Belgium is very conscientious about the sustainability of its service, its suppliers and all partners involved, and is an active promoter of corporate social responsibility.  

Our sustainability policy is based on four pillars:  

  • inspiring workplace  
  • leader in security  
  • digital awareness  
  • sustainable chain management  

We have defined our strategic objectives for each of these pillars. All our decisions and actions are checked against these objectives and their sustainability in the long term. 

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