The CSR Report for 2021 is now live

09 September 2022

One of DNS Belgium’s most important strategic goals is sustainability. We have proven many years already that it’s not just something we say, but something we truly believe in, and consequently work to achieve. 

Since 2016 DNS Belgium has been working tirelessly on our carbon footprint for example, not only do we lower it every year, but even those tonnes of CO2 that we can’t eliminate, are taken care of by supporting projects that offset the already very low tonnage that we do emit. In this way we have supported reforestation efforts in Belgium and abroad, like But every year we find new ways to lower our emissions, starting from 2022, we decided to only allow electric cars in our company fleet, thereby being one of the first Belgian companies to make this important step. We only hope that many more will follow suit. 

We also truly believe in giving back to society. And we believe this should be done by helping to digitize our society. Too many people are still excluded from the digital world through lack of knowledge, skills or quite simply because of material reasons. It is for these reasons that we have co-founded and continue to support the non-profit Digital For Youth. We support them with our finances, but also with our expertise. With this project we have distributed more than 20 000 laptops over the years of its existence. 

All that being said, we still do not consider that to be enough, we want to do even more for the sustainability of our business. This is why we are working towards making our whole supply chain sustainable. Our experiences have led us to realise that sustainability investments have a relatively short pay-back time. In light of the importance of this issue, we wish to inspire everyone to become as sustainable as possible. 

With the 2021 CSR report, which can be found here, we hope to show other companies the improvements that can be achieved through relatively simple and cost-effective measures, to inspire them to embark on their own journey towards a more sustainable future.

With this CSR annual report, we support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.