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13 October 2022

A cyberwar.  

It’s a word you’re likely to hear more and more often over the coming years.   

What happens when a cyberwar breaks out? What protection can a normal citizen expect? And what could companies expect in this kind of situation?  

In order to make all these things clearer, DNS Belgium has decided to create a dossier on this question. You can find it at It will be consecrated to the concept of cyberwar. For example, how or why it happens, the question of how prepared we are as a country. But also what companies do during these times, and what other actors are around that need to be considered.  

To give answers to the questions you might have about cyberwar, we interviewed an ethical hacker and an officer of the armed forces. But that is of course not all, as we also talked to the president of the Cybersecurity Centre of Belgium, our very own CISO, an expert in international law and many more. Amongst the articles, you can even find the reaction of the minister of defense we’ve been told…  

So, no time to wait around! Follow your curiosity and go check out our dossier on cyberwarfare at!  

With this article, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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