For registrars

Discover the drivers and barriers of .be registrants

24 August 2023

As you know, this spring we organised a market survey among our .be domain name registrants. This time, we called on you, our registrars , to distribute that questionnaire to your customers. That yielded good results: in total, we received almost 900 responses, 51% of which were for professional use. 

The results have since been processed. Here are the highlights:  

  1. .be remains the favourite extension among .be registrants.  
  2. Younger registrants are more aware of the existence of various extensions.  
  3. As expected, .be is top of mind among registrants, but .com, .org, and .net come close.
  4. .be stands out as popular, of high quality and easy to remember.
  5. Top reasons for registering a domain name:   
    • raising awareness of name/brand/product  
    • out of necessity  
    • was always the plan  
  6. The most important reason for choosing .be is the location indication.  
  7. 46% of respondents have no other domain names.  
  8. 22% prefer .be and and only have other domain names with .be extensions.  
  9. 3 in 4 of registrants reported that all their domain names are currently in use.  
  10. 53% also used online channels other than their website to promote their business, project or hobby in the past 6 months.

Registrars who have provided us with at least 5 respondents will receive all the detailed results in a separate email.

Would you like a personalised report yourself next year, comparing your customers with the overall benchmark? Then be sure to participate in the new survey. The more participants, the more interesting and representative the results will be.