No stampede of questions after 1 year of the GDPR

24 May 2019

About a year ago, we adapted our policies to the new GDPR privacy legislation. For a registry such as DNS Belgium, this means essentially that fewer contact details of registrants would be disclosed via the WHOIS , where you can verify the details. This has not resulted into a stampede of questions and complaints for us. There are still ways to contact a registrant when there is a reason for it.

The purpose of the GDPR was to provide better protection for the privacy of natural persons and give them a better insight into the data about them that are publicly available.

For us, as the administrator of the .be, .vlaanderen and .brussels domain names, this means that since last year we have shown even fewer personal data during a search as to who is behind a given domain name. Furthermore, we do not show the name field and e-mail address any more for registrations in the name of companies and organisations.

These changes have not resulted into massive complaints or questions about specific names. You can still contact a registrant with a certain question concerning his domain name using a contact form on our website in which you enter your details and your question.

You can also use the “request form for personal data disclosure” to obtain the data of a private registrant if your request is legally justified. Cases for which we can help you are posted on this page.

With this article, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.