Why .be is the best choice for Belgian entrepreneurs

02 August 2018

75% of entrepreneurial Belgians opt for .be above any other domain name extension. This is the conclusion reached in a market research carried out by Insites Consulting for DNS Belgium. It would appear that Belgian entrepreneurs choose .be with every right and reason.

.be exudes trust and confidence

A domain name extension is cited as the third most important reason for trusting (or not trusting) a website, after an encrypted connection (https instead of http) and indications that it is an official website (e.g. by means of a logo). A website with a .be domain name is the absolute frontrunner among all Belgians in terms of reliability: the extension inspires the most confidence among entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike.

.be is the most logical choice

Another important reason why entrepreneurial Belgians opt for .be:  it is the most logical choice in our country. The research study showed that no fewer than 75% of them choose or would choose .be because it is easy to remember. When someone knows your company name, chances are he or she assumes that company is your domain name.

.be has a brand enhancing effect

Many people associate a .be domain name automatically with a Belgian company and entrepreneurs seem to be well aware of the fact. They therefore tend to opt for .be because it says something about the place where their company is established, but also because it makes it clear which target group they want to reach. A .be domain name enhances the Belgian nature of your company.

If you are active throughout Belgium and want to stress the fact, then .be is what you need. Entrepreneurs with international ambitions seem to go for .com.

In any event, .be and .com remain the most popular domain name extensions. The best known extensions are also considered as the most reliable. More so than .com, .be seems to be a sort of quality label among entrepreneurial Belgians.

Belgian entrepreneurs know what they are doing. For those planning to start a company, .be seems the best choice. The quality and reliability that Belgians associate with .be are reflected on the website and the image of a company.