Why opt for .be?

There are many good reasons to opt for a .be domain name. .be is our national extension, the reference for companies, governmental authorities, entrepreneurs and private individuals who want to be present online in Belgium.  

Enhances brand awareness   

Many people associate a .be domain name automatically with a Belgian company, organisation, etc. If you are active throughout Belgium and want to stress that fact, then .be is what you need.

Inspires confidence    

Research shows that a .be domain name inspires confidence. It is a logical choice for Belgians – the first that comes to their minds. People who know the name of your company or product, but not your domain name, will nearly always try .be first.

Exudes quality  

Alongside the confidence it inspires, a .be domain name also exudes soundness. For Belgians, a .be domain name is synonymous with quality.  

Enhances your chances of being found on the internet  

Because a .be domain name is so familiar and the logical choice in Belgium, it can elicit more clicks. This leads to more visitors and better search results. You score better on Google and thus become easier to find on the internet.  

Is your .be domain name no longer available?  

No need to fret if the .be domain name of your choice is no longer available. With a little creativity, you can come up with countless sumptuous names that are still available. If you need some help to devise a strong domain name, take a look on this website.   

Of course, there are other valuable extensions in addition to .be:  

  • .vlaanderen 
    • For Flemish companies, organisations, governmental authorities or private individuals who want to establish a strong local identity.  
    • More information on .vlaanderen
  • .brussels 
    • For domestic and foreign companies, organisations, governmental authorities or entrepreneurs who wish to be associated with Brussels.  
    • More information on .brussels