Members of DNS Belgium

Founding members

The founding members of DNS Belgium are: 

  • Agoria: Agoria is a multisector federation and represents companies in the technology industry. 
  • ISPA: ISPA Belgium is the Belgian association of Internet Service Providers. It currently represents the majority of ISPs in Belgium. 
  • Beltug: Belgium's Communications Technology & Services User Group brings together professional users of communication technology and services, informs them, and defends their interests.

Effective members

  • FeWeb: FeWeb is the federation of web companies
  • Comeos: Comeos represents the Belgian trade and services.
  • Bereas: The Belgian Registrars Association represents the .be registrars
  • BeCommerce: the Belgian association of companies active in e-commerce
  • Belgian Association of Marketing: the professional association of the digital and interactive communication market

Members of the Board of Directors and advisors

  • Peter Ryckaert (Chairman BoD) 


  • Piet Spiessens (BoD)


  • Natasha Seghers (BoD)


  • Peter De Brabandere (BoD)


  • Jan Decorte (BoD) 

    HVG advocaten-advocats 

  • Tomas Cautereels (BoD)

    Moving Media

  • Bart Mortelmans (BoD)

  • Wim Van Edom (BoD)


  • Greet Dekocker (BoD)