Advantages of having your own website

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, even TikTok, etc. have become regular channels through which companies communicate with their customers and users. Nevertheless, it is still important to have your own website.

You are the boss of your own website

Having your own website linked to your own domain name is an important virtual asset. It is your property and you are its boss. You set the rules of the game, you decide what goes on it and adjust it so that your website can be found by search engines, etc.

In addition to your own website, you can of course use the power of social media to communicate with your users or customers. Creating a page or account on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and co is ever so easy. You can entertain your customers there with games and fun promotional actions.

But it is still borrowed land and you are dependent on every change the network carries out.

  • Social media may find the content inappropriate
  • In many cases, the medium appropriates your content as soon as you post it.
  • An algorithm determines whether your 'fans' get to see your post.
  • If you want to make sure they actually see it, you will have to pay nonetheless.

On your own website, on the other hand, you are the boss. If you also want to sell products online, you can easily do so - within the limits of the law, needless to say. With the advent of online shopping, a webshop is often a good move, as it enables you to serve your customers online as well.

Certain social media like Facebook and Instagram also allow you to offer your products through their channels. Of course, the reservations raised above apply in this case also. 

You exude professionalism

Branding is important. What is easiest to mention in an ad, what will the user remember most easily: your own, short web address or the long address And forget the phrase 'Find us on Facebook'. You put your address and phone number on your business card, don’t you?  Not 'Find us on Google'!

Once you have your own domain name, you can also create e-mail addresses. Having your own e-mail address definitely plays a role in the branding of your company. Because admit it: What exudes more professionalism: or

Read more about the importance of a personalised e-mail address.

You are findable online

Being findable online (Search Engine Optimization or SEO) is the perfect way to attract new customers. By paying attention to the texts and images on your website and incorporating commonly used keywords in your texts, you increase the number of visitors; and more visitors means more potential customers.

You show authority in your field

Word-of-mouth advertising is nowadays more likely from screen to screen. People discover an interesting website and share the link via e-mail, whatsapp or on social media. You can make a name for yourself as an expert in your field quickly by sharing relevant knowledge on your website regularly.

You moreover strengthen your corporate image by sharing stories about the ins and outs of your company on your website.

The numbers tell the tale

The results of your blog posts and your online findability are easy to measure with a website where the statistics accurately map the return on investment of the various marketing actions. So you can make informed decisions about future marketing.

Having your own website remains important therefore. It is the central point where your company details, contact details, opening hours, etc. can be found. You can read which information is mandatory on your website here. 

Furthermore, you can refer on your website to your Facebook page, your Instagram, your LinkedIn, etc. and all possible other social networks on which you are present, and post videos and information that is permanent, over which you retain full control.