Interesting figures from the 2019 annual report

16 April 2020

Did you know 2019 was a good year for DNS Belgium? And that internet security was very high on our agenda? These and other facts are available in our annual report with statistics and figures.

Did you also know...

  • the growth of .be-domain names in 2019 did not slow down as everyone expected? Net growth even increased by 0.40 percentage points from 0.87% to 1.27%. At the end of 2019 we registered 1,623,842 .be-domain names in total.
  • in 2019 we withdrew almost twice as many .be-domain names as the year before? This concerns domain names used for fraud or with wrong holder data.
  • 57% of all Belgians chooses .be as the ideal extension for their domain name. This percentage even increased 3% compared to 2018. Next in the list are .com with 16.3%, .eu with 7.3% and .net with 5.5%.
  • The sectors ‘trade’, ‘leisure & entertainment’ and ‘construction’ represent the highest percentage of .be websites. Trade: 11%, leisure & entertainment: 7.5% and construction: 5.6%.
  • almost 70% of .be-domain names are owned by Belgians. For the rest it is mostly our neighbouring countries that have an interest in a .be-domain name: the Netherlands almost 18%, France 4.5% and Germany 2%.
  • Boechout is the municipality with most .be domain names? Per 100 inhabitants there are 37.7, Zutendaal is second with 32.5 and Sint-Martens-Latem third with 31.5 domain names per 100 inhabitants. In the southern part of the country, Sankt-Vith stands out with 12.5 .be domain names per 100 inhabitants.
  • that almost two thirds of .be domain names are owned by companies or organisations. A third is owned by private persons.
  • That every year the top 3 of our .be- registrars manages a greater share of the domain names. In 2019, that was 28%, an increase in excess of 2% compared to 2018.

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