For registrars

Our hitpoint system explained

30 March 2022

You can test 2 new poll/CPS messages on our try-out environment. At the request of several registrars , we developed 2 automatic notifications. You will receive a message when you reach 80% and 100% of your ‘hitpoints’. We encourage you to test these poll/CPS messages.  


What are hitpoints? 

  • They are a form of penalty point system.  
    Each transaction that contains an error, gets a ‘hitpoint’. Are you trying to do a create domain for a domain name that already exists? That will get several hitpoints. 
  • Each registrar has a ‘margin of error’.  
    Depending on your portfolio, you would get somewhere between minimum 100 and maximum 1000 hitpoints. If you reach your limit, you will be temporarily blocked and will not be able to process any more registrations. At midnight, we wipe the slate clean, and the counter starts again at 0. As a registrar, you can unblock this yourself once a month.  
  • Hitpoints keep our registration platform clean. 
    Just to give an example, an unseen error could slide into a script, if nobody takes it out, this error will keep returning all the time. That is not good for our registration system. This is the reason we decided to implement hitpoints.  
  • Hitpoints keep you sharp. 
    When you get a warning message, you still have time to look up the mistakes and to avoid being blocked. When you reach 80% of your hitpoints, you get an automatic notification. When you reach 100% of your hitpoints you also get a notification, and you will see an error message on MyRegistrations and EPP.  


Go ahead and test the new poll/CPS message. That way you can react quickly if this happens in the future and you can avoid the bothersome consequences .  

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