DNS Belgium seeks partners for reliable internet

02 May 2019

DNS Belgium has set up a system of cooperation with Telenet, VOO and Proximus to adapt their infrastructure. Customers of these partners can count on a more secure and more robust internet traffic as a result.

DNS Belgium placed one name server in the network of each of these partners which is entirely at the disposal of that partner alone. All name servers are geographically spread copies of each other and provide the exact same information, namely all the information needed to search for a .be, .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name. The copy at the partners works seamlessly with the other name servers of DNS Belgium. As a result, there is always at least one good and fast operating name server for .be, .vlaanderen or .brussels domain names available for the partners and their customers.

Extra security thanks to local infrastructure

The advantage of the cooperation arrangement is that traffic to the server flows exclusively through the network of Telenet, VOO and Proximus respectively. Malicious traffic generated worldwide (DDoS or attack on a computer network with the intent to make it unavailable for certain users) never finds its way to the locally installed server as a result. Only locally generated traffic can arrive at the local server. Because these servers are accessible only from the network of these partners, action can be taken more rapidly as and when necessary. Thanks to this cooperation with DNS Belgium, the customers of these partners can count on a more reliable internet.

Constantly looking for partners

Armed with these successful experiences, DNS Belgium continues to set up similar systems of cooperation with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who have essentially Belgian customers. DNS Belgium sees the setting up of such a local infrastructure as a component of investing continuously in the quality and availability of all internet services that count on .be, .vlaanderen and .brussels.

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