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Update .be registrar agreement

15 November 2022

DNS Belgium has prepared a new version of the registrar agreement and will make it available for all .be registrars on 15 November

The last contract update dates back to 2017 and there was need for some improvements. While the content of the contract itself has changed little, we did our best to make it more transparent and easier to understand. You find the version 6.2 of the .be Registrar agreement on our website.

What's new compared to version 6.1?

  • Modernise terminology and rephrase for better readability
    • examples: art. 3.1 (fees), art. 13.6 (tech & admin support)
  • Tailor certain provisions better in view of partnership with registrars
    • Examples: art. 6 (transfer lock), art. 13.5 (use of logo/name DNS Belgium) 
  • New provisions
    • Examples: art. 6 ( registrant verification), art. 8 (automatic renewal)
  • Rebalance rights/obligations & provide flexibility
    • Example: art. 9.2 (breach of contract) 
  • ​GDPR/Schrems II compliance for data transfers (only for English language version of the registrar agreement, currently all registrars with French or Dutch language version are based within the EU)

Below you find a redline version of the new contract that highlights all changes compared to the current version of the agreement. 

Just like last time we will send you a digital version of the contract that can be signed in all safety by making use of Acrobat Sign. You will receive your new contract by an e-mail sent from Adobe’s platform. The e-mail and your new agreement will be sent to the “legal” contact  (if different from the “general” contact) of your registrar account. 

A new contract also means that the current agreement will be terminated according to article 8. We obviously hope that we can continue our cooperation through the new registrar agreement. 

Should you have questions on this topic, contact