Wanted: laptops for students without computer

25 March 2020

It is impossible to imagine our world without computers nowadays, even among young people. Students who want to take lessons online or receive assignments from school due to COVID19 obviously need a computer. Unfortunately, not all young people have access to a computer at home, even though it is now more necessary than ever before. 

We want to help from Digital For Youth (founded by DNS Belgium  &  Close the Gap). We do this first of all by providing usable laptops for young people who do not have access to a computer. We want to do this now more than ever before to prevent these youngsters from falling behind in their education. Every day counts. 

We see it everywhere in the media and a quick proprietary sample confirms it: several young people in every school cannot work on their lessons online because there is no computer available at home. There is a high need therefore if we bear in mind that there are more than 1,000 secondary schools in Flanders alone. We want to tackle this by providing quality laptops to these young people as soon as possible. 

How can you help?

    • You can register by sending an e-mail to or  by dialling 016 28 49 78.
    • Pick up as of 30 functioning laptops. 
    • These laptops are professionally and securely refurbished (data removal, possible repairs and upgrade, installation of Microsoft operating system and cleaning). 
  • Make a financial contribution 

    • Donations can be made to account no. BE10 0000 0000 0404  of the King Baldwin Foundation with reference “L83229 : Digital4Youth” or preferably with the structured code ***128/3229/00092***
    • Donations of €40 or more are tax deductible. 

Action set up in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation and the various government authorities. 

This action is supported by Dewi  Van De  Vyver  (ICT  Woman  of  the  Year  2020 & CEO Flow  Pilots) as godmother and Filip Michiels  (CIO of the Year 2019, CIO of TUI) as godfather. 

As ICT Woman of the Year I cannot but support the Digital for initiative. Now more than ever, we have to try as quickly as possible to bridge the digital divide for our school-age youth. They are our future. Let’s make them all go digital!

In these times when many people are worried about their physical health, we should certainly not forget to keep our mind sufficiently healthy also. Our children are our future and sadly not everyone has the digital means to continue to build this future also from a distance. I therefore wholeheartedly welcome this initiative which is geared to bridging the digital divide.

With this article, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.