Why SDG icons in our communication?

SDG icons have been featured at the bottom of articles and some pages on the website since 2018. With these icons we indicate our support for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. When the content of an article or page contributes to one of those goals, the respective icon will appear at the bottom.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 SDGs and the 169 targets linked to them together constitute an action plan to create a sustainable and resilient society by 2030.

The SDGs are divided into 5 themes: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Participation. The emphasis in these SDGs lies on their universal nature. This means that in Belgium too, we can do our bit towards a sustainable society. And that is precisely what we are also trying to do at DNS Belgium.

A sustainable society, in Belgium too

We have undertaken a great many sustainability actions ever since we charted our first sustainability strategy in 2016. Sustainability is interwoven with all aspects of our business operations. It is an integral part of our mission.

In our sustainability reports of recent years and in the news items on this site. Thanks to all these initiatives and efforts year after year, DNS Belgium has been able to call itself an SDG Pioneer since 2020

This is a great recognition for the work we have done. It is not the recognition that counts, however, but the building of a sustainable society.

Inspire and motivate

We are doing our utmost to achieve our sustainable development goals and set the bar higher for ourselves each time, because we consider the development goals of the United Nations to be very important, but especially because we also realise that sustainable change begins at home.

By communicating about our efforts on the sustainability front, we want to inspire and motivate employees, partners at home and abroad, other registries, etc. to act themselves and to work on a structural and strategic sustainability policy.

And that is why we place the SDG icons at the bottom of the pages -- as a gentle reminder that you can build a sustainable society with sometimes small actions, which we write about in news articles on this website.

More information

For more information on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, please click here (info in Dutch/French). 

You can also go there if you are looking for inspiration to work with the SDGs yourself. The Belgian government has produced a brochure on the sustainable development goals (Dutch only).

With this article we support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.