How to impress the team?

With a dose of self-knowledge. Take this checklist and see for yourself if you fit in with our team.

The 10-point list: which points will you tick off?

Are you…

  • Nice and informal and simply yourself? Good, we like that. Being “booted and suited” is not necessary at your job interview, by the way.
  • No-nonsense? We like honesty here and people who don’t hold back. Colleagues who help build the way forward.
  • Always up for a good (or lame-duck) joke? Then you’ve come to the right place. If we can give you a tip: laugh out loud when the interviewer makes a joke.
  • Familiar with “Consent-based decision-making”? No? Not a problem, but there are extra points for applicants who research what it is for the job interview.
  • Multilingual? Great! We work with other international registries, with different country codes, worldwide, such as .fr, .de, .uk, .pl – and so on. So being able to speak a little English would be good.
  • Someone who has social causes at heart? In which case you win our heart, too. We have a real passion for sustainability policies and are among the founding fathers of Digital for Youth.
  • Do you have gourmet taste? Someone with refined taste buds will quickly become friends with the majority of our staff.
  • Meticulous eye for quality? That’s another piece of the puzzle in place, then. Quality is more important here than meeting deadlines. 
  • A team player? Although it sounds like a cliché, DNS Belgium really is a team-driven organisation in which different departments work together to reach their targets and achieve their KPIs. Lone wolves… tend to walk out of here alone.
  • Driven, not afraid to give your opinion, tech savvy, a tad nerdy, ‘pleasant to deal with’?

If you’ve ticked 1, 2, 3,... even 10 things on the list, then don’t wait – simply apply! We look forward to getting to know you.

Or if you don’t tick any of the points above, but still fancy applying with us, then we may be even more interested to meet you :) Go on – fire off an e-mail to now and we may well be meeting up here in the office very soon!