Reporting web misuse

After a confrontation with web misuses, it is advised to contact the FPS Economy  or  your local police station, irrespective of the nature of the complaint:  

  • You can contact the FPS Economy with a complaint relating to online business practices.You can do that whenever you think that consumer rights are infringed when buying and selling on the internet. It is best to lodge a complaint through the contact point of this federal public service also in the case of spam and fraud concerning trademarks or products.   
  • Other online offences that can be criminally prosecuted (e.g. ICT crime such as phishing , hacking and identity theft) should be reported to your  local police. They will look further into the matter and if an investigation is warranted it will be carried out by the  RCCU  or the FCCU

DNS  Belgium lacks the authority to hear complaints about the provision of ICT services (such as hosting , Internet access, development of websites, and so forth), the invoicing of these services, problems with spam, phishing, hacking, illegal trade practices and fraud or attempted fraud via websites. 

How can we help you with (security) problems concerning .be domain names?  

You want to know the identity of a registrant who is not a private person   

You can find the contact data of the registrant of a .be domain name below.  

You want to know the identity of a registrant who is a private person

To protect privacy, we do not show the details of private .be registrants via our website. You can however file a request to receive the contact details. The legal department of DNS Belgium will assess whether we can comply with your request. Please use the form below:

You want to know the history of a certain .be domain name  

These data are not publicly available but we have logs of all transactions per domain name. You can retrieve these data if you have a valid reason, e.g. in a judicial investigation. Send your request to

You want to know whether someone has one or more .be domain names

These data are not available to the public but we can conduct targeted searches in our database. You can request these data if you have a valid reason, e.g. in a criminal investigation. Send your request to

You want to cancel or delete a .be domain name

When a domain name is cancelled or deleted, the link to the underlying website is broken and accessibility thereto is virtually nil. DNS Belgium is not a judicial body and can take such drastic action only at the request of the competent legal authorities, e.g. at the requisition of the Crown Prosecution service.

You want to check the financial data of a .be registrant, e.g. transactions by credit card  

Alas, we cannot help you further here. DNS Belgium works via registrars and never directly with end customers, so we have no insight into their financial data.

You want to know the IP address of a certain internet user (with a .be address)

Alas, we cannot help you further here. Only registrars can log in our systems. We can however redirect you to the registrar, if the party concerned is a registrant of a .be domain name.