IDS Belgium, a new DNS Benelux?

25 May 2021

Be on your guard if you are contacted by a company that offers to register your .be domain name with another extension (.com, .net, .info, .eu, etc.). This could be a dishonest practice.

IDS Belgium

During the last couple weeks, several domain name holders have informed us that they have been contacted by an external party, probably called IDSBelgium. This organization claims that a third party is interested in registering your domain name with another extension. But - according to their explanations - you have the right to register it beforehand considering that you already own this domain name.

DNS Benelux

We encourage you to be vigilant about these practices. They seem comparable to the way DNS Benelux operates, a company that was condemned by the Court of Liège on June 20, 2019.

A new iteration of the same idea?

Like DNS Benelux, IDS Belgium is registered in the Netherlands. The registration of the site dates from the beginning of 2021. As their practices are similar, we fear a return under another name.

What to do?

If you are contacted by a company that offers you this kind of service, we strongly advise you not to accept this offer. If you are interested in a new extension, our advice is to turn to your usual registrar.

Filing a complaint

You can file a complaint about this kind of practice via the FPS Economy contact point.

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