For registrars

Online verification of Belgian registrants

28 February 2022

As of tomorrow, 1 March 2022, Belgian private registrants selected for Registrant Verification, will be able to verify their details online. It will then no longer be necessary for them to send us identification documents via e-mail. Verification will be carried out online with Itsme or eID.

Your customers can watch an instruction video on our website.

How does it work?

  • If we notice that the registrant details are incomplete or possibly incorrect, we temporarily delegate new registrations to the DNS Belgium name servers. So they are registered but not active.
  • In the e-mail we ask for proof of the registrant’s identity.
  • Until now, the registrant sent us a document by e-mail to prove his identity. From now on, Belgian private individuals can validate their details on our website via Itsme or eID. The procedure by e-mail remains valid for other registrants and as a back-up.
  • If the data match the identity documents, we activate the domain name..

What changes for you?

  • Do you use EPP? Please note that the response for info-contact v2.0 is changing. Make sure you can process the response for domain names selected for Registrant Verification.
  • You can still test the online verification on the test environment. Check our documentation to see how best to do so.
  • Please bear in mind that the validation is done per contact handle. To avoid that customers who register many domain names have to verify their data for each registration, it is useful to reuse contact handles.


The intention is to expand Registrant Verification in future with multiple identification systems such as IDIN (for the Netherlands) to support all countries. We therefore hope to verify the identity of all new registrants by the end of 2022.

Do you have any questions about this? Send an e-mail to