Free cyber security support

22 December 2023

Safeonweb aims to inform and advise Belgian citizens on online safety. At the end of November it launched Safeonweb@work to offer Belgian companies and organisations tools which will enable them to better fight cybercrime. The goal is ambitious: to make Belgium one of the least cyber-vulnerable countries in Europe.

What services does Safeonweb@work offer?

To achieve that goal, Safeonweb@work offers a lot of tips, useful information, webinars and handy tools to help organisations better arm themselves against cyber threats.

The CyberFundamentals Framework is a set of concrete measures aiming at increasing an organisation's cyber resilience by protecting data and reducing the risk of the most common cyber attacks.

The CyFun Toolbox helps organisations implement the CyberFundamentals Framework:

  • With the CyFun Selection Tool, for example, organisations can make an accurate risk assessment to know immediately how far they need to go in protecting against cybercrime.
  • The CyFun Self-Assessment is a questionnaire giving organisations a detailed insight into their maturity level in terms of cybersecurity. They receive recommendations and guidance to increase cyber resilience in the short and long term.

Rapidly implementing a cyber security policy

In addition to these tools, organisations will find templates of policies, instructions, inventories, lists... and much more on that help them implement cyber security policies quickly and easily.

Cyber Threat Alerts

Organisations that register via the website also receive alerts on potential threats and vulnerabilities to their network and domain.

All Safeonweb@work services are free and accessible to all organisations in Belgium.

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