Production system

We use a different registration system for .be and .vlaanderen/.brussels:


Name servers

As a registry the main objective of DNS Belgium is to manage the .be zone file. To secure the working of the DNS service and for load balancing reasons we have several name servers at our disposal. All name servers are setup in anycast clusters.

  • (IPv4 address =, IPv6 address = 2001:678:9::1)
  • (IPv4 address =, IPv6 address = 2001:678:64::1)
  • (IPv4 address =, IPv6 address = 2001:678:68::1)
  • (IPv4 address =, IPv6 address = 2001:678:6c::1)
  • (IPv4 address =, IPv6 address = 2001:dcd:7::8)
  • (IPv4 address =, IPv6 address = 2001:678:20::36)

WHOIS Service

You can access the WHOIS service in two ways: a web based WHOIS service and the native WHOIS service on port 43. Both systems are limited to prevent abuse of our database information. The web based WHOIS still provides the necessary information for people seeking to contact the holder of a .be domain (or registrar contact) for problem solving etc.

The full explanation for the usage of WHOIS can be found on our documentation website.

DAS : Domain availability service

The DAS only gives out the status of a domain name and is hosted on port 4343. There is a limit of 50 requests per minute, per IP on the use of this service.

The full explanation for the usage and limitations of DAS can be found on our documentation website.

EPP Server

The EPP server has the following coordinates:

  • server:
  • port: 33128

Important Note: As an extra security measure our EPP-server will only accept EPP requests originating from a known IP address . So each registrar will have to tell us which IP address their EPP client will connect from. To specify an IP address (max. 5), you will need to login into the registrar web interface and follow:

  • registrar
  • EPP settings
  • click on the “update” button
  • specify the IP address(es) and enter your passphrase
  • click on the “update” button


Our EPP Server works with XML schemas, that can be found on our documentation website.

More information about the use of the EPP server can be found on our documentation website.

My registrations

This is the registrar web interface where you can create, update or delete a domain name, change the details of your own profile etc.


.brussels & .vlaanderen

These are the services for .brussels and .vlaanderen. A web WHOIS is also available via our website.


.vlaanderen .brussels
EPP hostname:port
Registrar web
Command-line WHOIS:port
Name server