How do we engage with registrars?

We value a constructive collaboration with our sales channel and we are constantly working on maintaining that relationship. Here you can find an overview of the engagement initiatives we take today, making sure all .be registrars remain heard, welcomed, and included in our daily work. 

One-on-one interaction

1. Registrar visits and online meetings 

A few times per year, Lut Goedhuys (our Channel Relations Manager) and Kevin Jacquemyn (our Product Expert) visit the office of a .be registrar.

We visit offices in Belgium, France, the Netherlands or any other location we can travel to and from within 1 day. Other meetings are held online. We experience these meetings to be fruitful for both the registrar and us. We present our organization, what we strive for, our projects and policies, upcoming changes, etc. The registrar has an opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns or other feedback, and give us a look into the core business of the company, which clarifies how our registrars work with domain names.

We love to learn from you and hope to see many more of you. If you would like to schedule a meeting with us, please send a request to

Picture taken by Mohit Kambli

2. Meetings at industry conferences  

Our Channel Relations Manager, Lut Goedhuys, visits several industry conferences per year, such as Domain Pulse, Cloudfest, European ICANN meetings and others.

These are opportunities to meet with several registrars in one place, taking the time to get to know each other and receive feedback or questions on .be.

Group interaction

1. .be registrar forum

You are represented by 16 registrars which give a full representation of the .be sales channel. The registrar forum is a diverse group, taking into account the different countries, company sizes and core businesses of all registrars. DNS Belgium invites the forum members to a meeting 2 times a year to discuss policy, product features, upcoming projects, and industry evolutions.

All registrars are welcome to send in a candidacy to become a member as soon as there is another vacancy. In case you are interested in becoming a member you may already inform us via e-mail

2. Registrar Panel 

This panel has a set of 30 registrars who are happy to share their opinions with us. These registrars complete from time to time a survey of ours, which results in valuable input for us. When we want to verify something with a larger group of registrars, we rely on this panel. 

In case you would like to be on this panel, please let us know via e-mail.

Market Intelligence 

1. .be  registrant  market research via .be registrars

We perform yearly market research to measure awareness of domain names in Belgium. Last year we kicked off a new approach to question registrants in collaboration with registrars. This turned out to be the ideal way to learn about their drivers and barriers to register a .be.


2. .be data analysis projects

We set up different types of .be data analysis projects to better understand our ever-evolving market situation. While some of these can be done internally or with the help of an agency, we often collaborate with registrars to make sure we focus on the correct data and share our learnings with registrars when relevant.

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We are looking forward to hearing from all of you.

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