Safe internet as a basic right

Leader in security

In our view, a secure internet is a basic right. It is our job to keep the .be zone secure and we are constantly taking new initiatives to that end. 

Checking registration details and web shops

For 2 years now, we have been automatically checking the data used by domain name holders when they register domain names. We match these with their identity details before granting the domain name. We do this because there are still cybercriminals who use fake data or even data from other people to register a domain name.

We have also developed our own crawler (Mercator) to detect fake webshops. The crawler automatically checks certain features from the HTML content of the webshops but also the data of the corresponding domain names. If fraud is suspected or if the data is at least suspicious, the crawler reports it. 

By making that crawler open source, anyone can use the underlying code and technology. In this way, we want to help our industry join us in keeping the internet safe. 

Cooperation and trainees

To keep our employees' knowledge of cybersecurity up-to-date, they attend very regular training courses. We also cooperate with educational institutions and welcome a number of trainees every year. Students can make a meaningful contribution with refreshing insights. They learn by working with us and at the same time they bring knowledge about areas we are not familiar with.  

Finally, we also work with government agencies to take rogue websites and web shops offline as quickly as possible.

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