A sustainable business

Sustainable supply chain management

When you have a business and offer products or services, your business has an impact on society and the environment. You can't avoid that. You can, however, like us, track down the negative impacts of your business activities, identify them and try to prevent, reduce or offset their effects. 

We calculate our carbon footprint annually and take new initiatives every year to continue reducing it. 

Your company can do the same by, e.g.  

By also offsetting the CO2 actually produced, DNS Belgium has been climate neutral for years in a row.

We have really embedded sustainability in our policy and are developing a plan by the end of 2022 to involve our registrars in our sustainability strategy. After all, we also want to set an example in our industry in terms of sustainability by involving others as much as possible in our sustainability strategy by, for example, actively communicating about sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 

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